10 Great Nursing Scholarships

The career path of nursing is one with many opportunities to diversify or specialize in focus, but education can be expensive. That’s why it’s critical that students preparing to embark on their educational journey must be fully apprised of supplemental resources, such as nursing scholarship funds. As well, these programs may offer supplemental funding for research or advanced practice studies to students already invested in nursing. The list below includes a brief glimpse at each of the top ten funding opportunities, and provides links for further investigation.

1. ANNA Scholarships

The American Nephrology Nurses Association offers a wide array of research grants and academic scholarships each year. These range from the yearly endowment of National Student Nurses’ Association Scholarships to five Career Mobility grants of $2,000. They also provide a number of memorial scholarships, commemorating individuals within the community via focused scholarships for specific endeavors, for which nursing students can apply on a yearly basis.

2. AAMN Scholarships

The Association for Advancing Men in Nursing has a specific focus, as indicated by its name. The stereotype that nursing is an occupation pursued exclusively by women has damaging and lasting impacts on the diversity and gender equality within the field. In order to advocate for a more balanced student body, AAMN awards national scholarships, although the compliment of awards varies based on the availability of funds. These may include a corporately sponsored array of student scholarships, such as the Johnson & Johnson Pre-Licensure Nursing Student award. Scholarships may also be aimed at highlighting the efforts of men in nursing, like the $1,000 Caring Men Paying It Forward award.

3. AORN Scholarships

The Association of periOperative Nurses offers a number of regular, annual awards for professional development or individuals pursuing an education in the field. These are available for students at any point in their studies, whether they are engaged in a bachelor’s degree, pursing a master’s or a PhD. Each year, students may submit their application essay, transcripts verifying they have a 3.0 or greater academic average, and relevant essay. Recipients are chosen based on need and these documents.

4. ONS Foundation Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship

The Oncology Nursing Society provides a one-time scholarship that awards between $3000 and $5,000 to individuals who are pursuing a degree in nursing science. For this particular award, an individual must be enrolled in their senior year of an accredited nursing program. However, scholarships are available to those at any point in their educational path, and include licensed individuals seeking higher degrees, those currently enrolled in nursing programs at the bachelor level, and individuals seeking to pursue a nursing degree with a bachelor of science in another field.

5. FNSNA Scholarships

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association provides two levels of scholarships. Via this financial support, they address the shortage of qualified nursing staff in the United States. Their undergraduate awards are available to a number of different types of nursing students. These include those pursuing an associate’s degree, baccalaureate, generic pre-licensure master and doctorate, and several RN to specialty augmentation programs. The undergraduate awards are given based on donor-specified criteria and range from $1,000 to $7,000 annually.

6. March of Dimes Scholarships

While many awards are focused on the undergraduate level of education, the March of Dimes has a specific program that seeks to sponsor individuals seeking a higher degree in maternal-child nursing. Each year, several $5,000 scholarships are awarded to individuals who already possess an RN certification and are pursing a masters or doctoral degree in the specified field of care. Further, they must belong to one of several associations focused on elevating the quality of care for expectant and new mothers—Association of Women’s Health; Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses; National Association of Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses; or the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

7. NAHN Scholarships

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses is a private association dedicated to equalizing the availability of funds and professional opportunities to nurses of the Hispanic community. In the past year alone, they distributed $85,000 of scholarships to qualified candidates in order to assist them in their educational journeys and professional development. While they do redistributed donor funding to students seeking to become nurses in a variety of professional contexts, they also received $120,000 from the Latino Health Scholars’ Program, which is a part of the United Health Foundation Diverse Scholars Initiative.

8. NEF Scholarships

The Nursing Education Fund recently celebrated 100 years of providing assistance to nursing professionals seeking a master’s or doctorate-level degree. They are a donor-funded assistance organization that distributes privately bequeathed funding to individuals engaged in a variety of highly refined degrees at the post-baccalaureate level. With more than 22 specific scholarship programs, they celebrate diversification and specialization in the field of nursing, with the aim of championing the next generation of specialist nurses.

9. HRSA Scholarships

The Health Resources and Services Administration makes a large pool of public funds available for active scholars, those seeking loan repayment options, and individuals interested in using their newly acquired skills in a service capacity in order to reduce or repay loans. HRSA provides a portal through which organizations in need of monies with which to attract qualified personnel to their program initiatives may operate. They also function as an outlet for those seeking government assistance to continue their educations, providing both links to applications and additional resources.

10. Touchmark Scholarships

The Touchmark Foundation is registered public charity that brings a unique blend of business, cultural, and scientific experience to their fosterage of nursing excellence. As a primary focus, they seek to enhance the quality of senior care and their overall well-being within care programs. They provide scholarships for individuals pursing nursing degrees and geriatric care programs in the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, and Great Plains states, as well as Alberta, CA, but their specific initiative focuses on assisting tomorrow’s nursing teachers, thus ensuring a continuum of quality education for the future.

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Individuals seeking to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing may have need of assistance, but those who wish to diversify and refine their professional skills also require resources. This list includes organizations that seek to bolster those efforts through means of resource and financial aid. It serves as a solid foundation for individuals researching their nursing scholarship options, and provides helpful links, so that requirements and applications can be submitted in a timely fashion.