Can I Get a Master’s in Nursing Online?

Online Nursing DegreeA Bachelor in Nursing degree can take you far, but an advanced degree can take you farther, and thanks to some great schools, you can now get your Master’s in Nursing online. Instead of running to campus for classes, trying to juggle your work, home and education lives and deal with dozens of other problems, you can complete your advanced program almost entirely online.

Is Online the Right Choice for You?

Before you find a Master’s in Nursing online program, you need to decide if online learning is the best option for you. Are you a self starter? Can you handle learning on your own? Do you love extracting knowledge and learning new things without someone standing by your side and holding your hand? With online nursing programs, you’re on your own for most of the program. The professors will put lectures, slide shows and presentations online, but the professors expect you to still do the required reading, take part in class discussions and do other tasks without any help. If you want a professor you can see in person and you love being part of a classroom, online learning might not work for you.

Online Master’s in Nursing Programs

Online degree programs require a lot of work, but you can do that work throughout the week. Most classes will give you a syllabus with a list of due dates for assignments when classes start. You often respond to a discussion class online by a certain day of the week and respond to comments that your classmates make later on. As part of a Master’s program, you will also complete a thesis paper or project that showcases everything you learned during the program.

What About Clinical Experiences?

When working on your undergraduate degree, you go through clinical nursing experiences. These experiences send you to a hospital or medical office. You’ll spend some time watching nurses and doctors working in the field before you do some work of your own. Some Master’s programs require that you do one or more clinical experiences as part of your studies. While some schools will arrange partnerships with hospitals in your area, other schools ask that you find those hospitals on your own. While not all schools require clinical experience at the graduate level, some schools do.

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Choosing the Best School

There are many things that you need to do when choosing a Master’s in Nursing degree online program, but you should start with researching the accreditation of the school. According to the U.S. Department of Education, accreditation means that the school follows a strict series of requirements imposed by a governing body. This might include how long the program takes to complete, the skills students learn in the program or the type of classes the school must offer. As some disreputable schools list accreditation from companies that pay for that accreditation, finding a good school is sometimes hard. The U.S. Department of Education maintains a database that lists the top accrediting bodies and the accreditation on record for every school in the country.

Finishing your graduate degree online lets you work as a nurse and finish the program on your personal time schedule. Many schools offer Master’s in Nursing online programs, but you need to ensure the school has accreditation and offers the courses you want to take.