Can I Get Into Hospital Upper Management With Only a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration?

Are you interested in or in the the process of obtaining your Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration? If you answered yes, you must consider which type of career opportunities that this degree will open up to you so that you know which career path and advanced degree path you must take to fulfill your dreams. With a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration, you can pursue several different professions in the healthcare arena, but you may be wondering if you can become part of the upper level management team with only an undergraduate level degree. If you would like to know the educational and the professional requirements to become part of hospital management, read on to see what is required.¬†

What Are the Educational and Training Requirements to Become a Hospital Manager?

The very first step to becoming a hospital manager is earning a formal degree in Health Administration or another related major. You will start by earning your Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, where you will learn the core skills and take both prerequisite and elective courses before you graduate. Once you gain a foundation of knowledge that attains to the health care manager career, you may be eligible to enter the sector as an entry-level professional before you can become an upper level manager in charge of overseeing the operations of a department or an entire hospital.

While a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration can prepare you for your career goals, you will typically need either several years of experience or a graduate degree to be considered for any open positions in today’s competitive climate. Most of the most reputable hospitals and medical facilities will require that all internal and external candidates who apply must possess a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. The reason why a MA is so important is because the average graduate program will focus on teaching students the job-specific skills that a hospital manager needs to have to be a valuable asset. Master’s degree holders are also required to complete as long as a 12-month internship or residency in a hospital, which employers like to see.

What Level of Experience is Required to Become a Hospital Manager?

The level of experience that is required to become a hospital administrator depends on the facility and also on the roles. To get your foot in the door, you may need to work as an administrative assistant or another entry-level professional. Once you show that you have gained experience, even with a Master’s degree, you can advance your way up the ranks to mid-level careers and then upper management. With a Bachelor’s, you will need more experience, and with a Master’s, expect to earn at least 3 to 5 years in healthcare administration.

You need to fulfill both the educational and the professional requirements before you can walk up to open doors in hospital management. There are currently more than¬†100,000 administration positions open for qualified candidates, and you could be one of the many candidates to fill in the gap. Earn your undergraduate degree and then advance your ability within the field by earning your Master’s. After you commit your time to formal schooling to earn your Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, you can commit a bit more time to a Master’s and shorten the time it takes to make management.

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