What Are the Different Types of Nursing Specialties?

Nursing SpecialitiesThe healthcare industry is continuing to expand, and that means there are more different types of nursing specialties available today than ever before. Nurses can now work in their own private practices, in doctor’s offices, as med-surge assistants, in the ER, in private homes and in a multitude of other settings, according to Johnson & Johnson Nursing. Here’s a look at a few of the most popular nursing specialties and how you can pursue them as a career:

Home Health Nursing

As baby boomers continue to age, they have created a new boom in the nursing industry. Home health nursing is in higher demand today than ever before. Home health nurses can be LPNs or RNs. They care for patients in private homes. While many home health nurses specialize in geriatric care or end-of-life care, other home health specialists focus on occupational health, cardiac care, nurse management, midwifery, and other areas of nursing.

Obstetrical Nursing

New life is always a joy, and OB-GYN nurses get to see the miracle of birth on a regular basis. These nurses often help treat patients struggling with infertility as well as pregnant women. They work closely with obstetricians and midwives, and they can work in clinics as well as in hospital maternity wards.

Oncology Nursing

Oncology nurses work with cancer patients and survivors. In order to obtain certification as an oncology nurse, you must first obtain an RN. This specialization requires extensive knowledge of cancer treatment, and certifications must be regularly renewed. Due to the detailed and specific nature of this specialization, many oncology nurses complete master’s degrees in nursing.

Cardiac Nursing

Cardiac nurses work with heart patients and others with problems involving the cardiovascular system. All cardiac nurses must have an RN, and many cardiac nurses choose to continue their education by complete Master’s in Nursing programs. Cardiac nurses work on surgical units in post-operative care, in intensive care units, and in coronary care clinics.

Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric nurses work with elderly individuals to provide quality healthcare for the final years of life. Geriatric nurses can be either LPNs or RNs, and geriatric nurses with master’s degrees are able to work in nurse management for elder care. These nurses work in nursing homes, retirement communities, doctor’s offices and hospitals. To be a successful geriatric nurse you must be comfortable working with aging patients as well as communicating with concerned children and other family members. Patient advocacy, while important in all nursing specialties, is especially important for those working in geriatrics.

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This is by no means an exhaustive list of nursing specialties. Nurses can also specialize in pediatrics, orthopedics, infectious diseases, immunology, legal nursing, radiology, psychiatric care, rehabilitation, surgical nursing, holistic care and more. This selection of different types of nursing specialties means that nursing careers exist to suit a wide variety of personal preferences, and you will be able to find a niche that suits you, whether you prefer a slow-paced, one-on-one setting or a high-paced emergency room environment.