What Heath Careers are in Rehabilitation Centers?

Whether you have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or some type of advanced degree, you’ll find a number of health careers in rehabilitation centers. Rehabilitation centers provide assistance to patients recovering from traumatic events and injuries as well as those recuperating after surgery. Some centers offer additional care and support for those struggling with addictions to drugs, alcohol or behaviors like sex or gambling. The best job for you and the positions you apply for vary based on the level of experience and education you have.

Mental Health Counselors

Mental health counselors work in a range of rehabilitation centers. They often work with patients recovering from injuries and illnesses to ensure that they do not suffer from depression and that they are capable of returning back home. The counselors may make arrangements for patients to get additional care at home from a visiting nurse or another health care worker. Mental health counselors also lead counseling sessions for addicts as well. These counselors must have a graduate or doctoral degree and may need a counseling license from the state too.

Physical Therapists

Some of the health careers in rehabilitation centers that you’ll find today require that professionals work directly with patients. Physical therapists work with patients recovering from injuries to get back on their feet again. They run tests to determine the injuries patients have and work with them to see their limitations and capabilities. Physical therapists generally need a college degree in kinesiology or a similar topic and some on the job training too, but most therapists need a license and a doctoral degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median salary of physical therapists at around $84,000 a year.

Nurses and Assistants

As the older generation keeps aging, the country’s need for nurses and other health care professionals will grow too. Many students enter nursing programs because they want to work in the health care profession without spending a lot of time in school. Rehabilitation centers hire nurses who have just two years of formal training because those centers know that the nurses go through classroom training and clinical rotations with real patients. Though you will also need to pass the NCLEX and a background check to get your nursing license, you can finish your degree in two years. These centers also need nursing assistants to help those nurses too.

Doctors and Aides

Some of the health careers in rehabilitation centers require more formal training and education. These centers have a high need for doctors capable of meeting with, diagnosing and determining treatment plans for patients as well as surgeons and specialized doctors to perform those treatments. You may also work as a physician assistant or a doctor’s aide. Aides generally handle minor duties like bathing and helping prep patients for surgery. Though aides may need just an associate’s degree and a few weeks of training, doctors need a degree from an accredited medical college and a medical license in that state.

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Rehabilitation centers help patients recover from their injuries and from illnesses that keep them from living at home. These centers have a high need for professional workers with a college education and some formal training. Health careers in rehabilitation centers include jobs for nurses, medical aides, doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists and mental health counselors