What Types of Health Care Management Degrees are There?

Healthcare Management DegreesThose interested in healthcare management may wonder what type of degree to obtain. There are many levels of healthcare management degrees, and many specializations within the field of healthcare management. Each degree has its own set of teachings, and your career trajectory will differ based on which degree you choose. Here are some of the most viable degrees in healthcare management

Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare management will teach you most of what you need to know about the field. This is a general degree that will allow you to take on many administrative and management roles in a wide variety of healthcare settings. Along with this degree, a few years of experience is enough to put you on the top of your field.

Master’s in Healthcare Management

For students who want to study more in depth, a master’s in healthcare management is an option. This field gives you a wider scope of the healthcare field than a bachelor’s degree and allows you to take on more responsibility from the beginning. Fresh graduates who are entering the field of healthcare management will have more career opportunities if they obtain a master’s degree.

Healthcare Administration Degrees

Healthcare administration degrees are a closely related degree that allows you to take on many jobs in healthcare management. You can obtain this degree with an associate’s program or a bachelor’s program. In the field of of healthcare administration, you will learn most of the same concepts as those studying healthcare management. In order to obtain the same jobs as those with a healthcare management degree, you will need to obtain a few years of work experience. A healthcare administration associate’s degree is a good option for those who can’t afford to attend school for 4-6 years but are still interested in working in healthcare management.

Health Management and Policy

For those who want to obtain additional credentials, a graduate program is possible in health management and policy. Often, students who have completed a master’s or bachelor’s degree in healthcare management will continue on to this program in order to gain an even deeper knowledge of the field. Graduates of this program will have access to the top positions in healthcare management, including those related to hospital relations and international healthcare policy.

Choosing the Right Degree

As you can see, there are many degree options that can get you started in a career in healthcare management. These vary based on the cost and length of the program as well as the prestige and desirability of the education. Those who want to get a good start in the field may simply consider the general degree of healthcare management, in either its bachelor’s or master’s form. However, those who have a more unique interest within the field of healthcare management have a few other options to consider. Here are even more degree types relating to health and healthcare management.

Speaking with the head of a healthcare management program is a good step to take towards making the right decision. Often, the fit of a program depends on the human aspects as well as the course of study. You may find that the campus or the program’s community helps you to make your decision on which field to study. In the end, you can obtain excellent healthcare management skills while obtaining any of these degrees.


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